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We help businesses offset their footprint by planting trees locally.

What We Do

Oak trees absorb CO2, produce dense, strong wood, and have long lives. Once felled, the CO that helped create the oak tree can be locked up for centuries in building structures.


How We Compare

Other Offsetting Schemes Are Available!


But they are often based in developing countries where the outcomes may be adversely affected by unforeseen political and social influences.


Why Now?

The UK government has announced a state of Climate Emergency, and the scientific community has stated that we all need to act to reduce environmental damage. The IPCC states that tree-planting should be part of the solution to reducing the effect.


Showcase your environmental credentials and help combat the Climate Emergency with Oak Offset.


Not for profit

It is all about planting trees.


The English Oak supports more species than any other UK tree, and thrive along side all other native species.


Trees reduce surface water runoff and erosion. An oak can absorb 300 litres of water each day, filtering and evaporating, and locking up CO2.


Oak trees absorb carbon and release oxygen through photosynthesis. Trees also remove particulate pollution in urban environments. 

Where we have planted so far...